Get the jQuery DatePicker to Work With jQuery Modal Dialog

Being that I am the man, I thought I would share this little thingy with you because… well I’m the man.

So here’s the issue:  You have a date picker, a modal dialog, and you can’t see the calendar when you click on the icon and/or textbox. First thought, ‘WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME???!?!’ Second though, ‘I wonder if that tool knows how to get past this.’ Good news! I do. Turns out it has to do with the z-index. The modal dialog by default has a z-index of 1000ish when showing. (And any modal dialog “above that” will increase it’s z-index to match.) If the calendar isn’t higher than that, no go.

Now you might be using the jquery styles from the jquery site and might be putting your through your keyboard thinking about having to deal with that mess. However, it’s actually a simple fix in there… there being the ui.datepicker.css file.

  .ui-datepicker { width: 17em; padding: .2em .2em 0; z-index:9000; }

And there you have it. Now the calendar will show up in front of anything lower than 9000, and as everyone knows: Anything over 9000 is impossible.

jQuery Modal Dialog : Hide That Stupid X Button / Windows Close Button

This is quick one, so hold on to your… whatever.

Want to get rid of that X at the top right of the modal “Control”? Well here it is: (The bold part, moron)

          autoOpen: false,
          bgiframe: false,
          height: 150,
          width: 200,
          modal: true,
          open: function(event, ui) { jQuery('.ui-dialog-titlebar-close').hide(); }

And that’s really it. Just thought I’d pass that on to you, the consumer.

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A spiderman movie based on the SNES classic: Spider-Man & Venom: Maximum Carnage. Uwe Boll, are you out there?