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I am the brains behind this operation. And by that, I mean I setup Word Press and exploit helpless writers for their technical writing skills. I myself will write one day, just not this day.

I started programming in 6th grade. It was a simple program.

10 Print “This Teacher Sucks”
20 Goto 10

After that, I split two years of regular high school and a vocational school, learning all about dying languages and the AS400. After school I spent nearly 10 years in the US Air Force. Yeah, that’s right. I was a Chairborne Ranger! I met some good mentors, like DJ Sgt Craft and the crust ole MSgt Crist. Early on I was schooled in the ways of CMM and Powerbuilder. I knew back in the day (1996) that Windows based programs were on their way out, so I started in with the HTMLGoodies (Now that’s an old school shout out!).

Once I got to Germany, I was using ASP and doing it… OK. Along comes some salesmen from Microsoft touting some .NET product. I was hooked after my first hit. I spent my Germany years honing my VB.NET skills. After that I moved on to Nebraska where I got the chance to lead some young Airmen. Don’t ask me what they were thinking. I finally parted ways with the Air Force in 2006 and moved back to the D. No, not Dallas. No, not Denver. No, not Des Moines. Detroit Rock City.

My work experience in the Motor City began with the help of @TerryBean. Terry and David Maxwell hooked me up with a job in Lathrup Village working for an auto inspection company. I spent two years of my life working for that company, and I have to say I enjoyed the work. I was given alot of freedom and control over the codebase and the product. I had some great co-developers. It was also at this place that I met and fell in lust with the coding of one named “Sean”. The man himself was weaksauce. I mean, he has a man crush on Brandon Inge. I do though, admire his coding abilities. Now even though I liked my job, I hated the fucking commute on 696. It was killing me.

I took my fate into my own hands and struck up a deal to join a rising company closer to home. After joining @Billhighway, I was thrust into a cluster fuck of agile fail. I stuck with them, to this very day, and I’ve watched the cluster fuck turn into a well oiled, agile machine. I try my best to argue every decision that the IT team makes. It keeps them on their toes. I’m just glad when they moved, it wasn’t further from home… or to Silicon Valley.

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