MVC3, Entity Framework, jQuery… Everything example

How would you like to have a project that has these features?

Dependency Injection
Entity Framework 4.0 with POCO
Inversion of Control with Castle
The IResult
jQuery Ajax Posts
jQuery Custom Css
jQuery Validation
Mocking with Rhino Mocks
MVC 3/Razor
MVC Annotation Based Validation
What I call the Repository Pattern
Unit Tests - Integration With Entity Framework
Unit Test - MVC Controller Actions

And more s--t I can't think of right now!

What’s the price of this gem? Just your time which is worth nothing!

Where can you find it? Right here!


Visual Studios 4.0
Mvc 3
To open the solution and do a search and replace on "Tutorial" to set your directory paths.
A real f--king need to learn!

Act now, operators aren’t in existence since this is hosted on a website, but if they were they would be standing by!


This may or may not hit you with a wave of awesome. Be prepared for the worse case awesome scenario. I am in now way responsible for any heart stoppage due to the shock and awe power of the project.