Add Nunit Reference through NUGet/ Visual Studios 2010

From the “Just putting this here for me” update desk: NUget

What’s NUGet? It’s a way to help with adding things from templates to Add Ons. In fact, it can even be used to add references to your project like NUnit without having download NUnit by yourself. Basically it’s another way to enhance laziness. I like this.

The page for NUGet is here and you can download it from here.

After that restart Visual Studios (At least I had to) then:

From there:

Now there should be a button in that image but I had already added the NUnit reference. Real easy stuff.

Apparently there’s lot of stuff like add ons and templates… I think I already wrote that but I’m too tired and lazy to bother checking. Anywho a developer should be like candy in a kids store.

2 thoughts on “Add Nunit Reference through NUGet/ Visual Studios 2010”

  1. You can also install the NuGet Package Manager through Visual Studio.  In VS2010, go to Tools > Extension Manager.  Choose “Online” on the left, and search for NuGet.  Then, simply install the NuGet Package Manager, no need for external downloads, you can do it all in Visual Studio!

    1. You’d think that maybe someone who writes for this site could just… oh I don’t know… add that to the post.

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