Another removing Lambda “trick”

And by trick, I mean I was too slow to realize that:

  someDictionary.Add("Hi", (Boolean doThis) => SomeMethod(doThis));

Can be done this way:

  someDictionary.Add("Hi", SomeMethod);

Where the dictionary is:

  Dictionary<String, Action<Bool>> someDictionary;
  someDictionary = new Dictionary<String, Action<Bool>>();

And SomeMethod is:

void SomeMethod(Boolean doSomething)
  //Something is to be done!

Which as far as I know, removes a step from the whole process. What does that mean? Well if you break the first one down into an anonymous method, it would look like this:

  someDictionary.Add("Hi", delegate(Boolean doThis){ SomeMethod(doThis); });

I am assuming this would create a reference to a completely new method as opposed to the second example which just uses the already existing method’s reference. Fun yah?