jQuery Whack-A-Mole… Timer, Hide, Slide, and Fun

So I’ll just straight up file this under “I really shouldn’t have” and not bother asking for forgiveness. For some reason I had it in my mind I wanted to see if I could take the stuff I learned from this guy and this guy and see if I could make a simple Whack A Mole game with just jquery and the three include files. (jquery, jquery UI, and jquery Timer) Not thinking of the massive consequences such a thing might bring, I pushed on in the name of science.

So with no further build up or stupidity (I used that all up in building this game) I give you jQuery WHACK A MOLE which oddly enough has somehow clawed it’s way into my hosting here. So if you’re foolish enough to actually want to know how it works, there are plenty of comments in the script files. Just don’t blame me for any loss of intelligence.

I might actually take this to the next horrifying level and make it an mvc application. Not sure I… no… THE WORLD can take it.

2 thoughts on “jQuery Whack-A-Mole… Timer, Hide, Slide, and Fun”

  1. This might be way out in left field, but I was looking to put together a whack-a-mole game as a joke for on a website at work. I tried to pull up the source zip here and the link is broken. Is this something that is open source? Could I use it as a starting block for the game?

    1. I’ll look for it… Kind of maybe deleted all of my stuff by a certain… mishap. However, I think all of it is there when you view source.

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