NUnit Hangs Up When Run Through Nant Using .Net 4.0

Ran into this one yesterday starting with Cruise Control not finishing. At first I just thought Cruise Control just wasn’t that into it, but turns out something was hanging up and that something was N-N-N-UNIT. Well to be more specific it was NUnit while being run through Nant although in the end it wasn’t Nant’s fault. Turns out it has to do the latest stable release of NUnit… 2.5.8.something.whatever.

The fix? Grab 2.5.9.yayayaya from the download page and use the nunit-console from that instead. I guess the whole issue had to do with the latest .Net 4.0 and the latest stable version of NUint. I guess they don’t like each other. They go together like water and something that doesn’t go well with water.