Simple Property Merge for Python Objects

Not sure if this is useful to other people, but then again if I cared that would make me human.

So here’s a quick way to merge two objects in python:

def mergeObjectProperties(objectToMergeFrom, objectToMergeTo):
    Used to copy properties from one object to another if there isn't a naming conflict;
    for property in objectToMergeFrom.__dict__:
        #Check to make sure it can't be called... ie a method.
        #Also make sure the objectobjectToMergeTo doesn't have a property of the same name.
        if not callable(objectToMergeFrom.__dict__[property]) and not hasattr(objectToMergeTo, property):
            setattr(objectToMergeTo, property, getattr(objectToMergeFrom, property))

    return objectToMergeTo

This is a good example of how the whole dynamic addition of properties happens in Python. The objects in this example have a __dict__ property that is basically where the property/method/other stuff information is held in dictionary form. What does this mean? It means that if you use the setattr method you can then later call the property like you would normally.

  setattr(someObject, 'someProperty', 'some value')

  someObject.someProperty == 'some value

Knowing this is important as it allows you to really do some fun dynamic stuff that a lot of other languages just don’t allow.