To Async or Not To Async… That is the ReWritten Cliche Quote.

One of the things I’ve been wondering as a of late, besides why Micheal Bay still is allowed to make movies… and no money is NOT and excuse, is whether it’s better to just load and entire page and hide/show stuff on some click OR only load what’s shown and have said click handle loading the stuff through Asynchronous Calls and Json.

I bet that made sense!

Here’s the situation, I have a blog thing I’m working on and it allows for multiple blogs per site. The “splash” page, if you will, looks like this:


And when you click “Newest” it looks like this:


As you can see, Newest brings up a pop out div thing that shows the latest post.

Side note, I was going to have it just show the first X characters of the post as a teaser, but turns out that if there is any broken HTML because of that, IT’S A HUGE PAIN TO FIX. Something like <div> this is something that <di… OH SNAP THE DIV IS BROKEN! ALERT! ALERT! So this was a “solution”.

Originally I had it loading the needed post in it’s respective pop out div and just hiding all of them. Then it would show the post when the Newest “button” was clicked. Then it dawned on me that this might be silly since only one is going to be open at a time. Why send the client a ton of unneeded html? So, I moved on to using jQuery/Json to grab the needed post data when the Newest “button” is clicked. Then I just populate the pop out div with the returned information as it opens… or whenever it gets back to the client. Can’t always assume it will be there immediately. Interweb can be slow at times.

Anyways, this brings up an issue: Am I better off with the first or second solution? Given that all things are equal, it seems like a better idea to have the jQuery solution due to the fact you aren’t sending useless html to the client. This will most definitely help with initial load time for the client. Only problem is, that jQuery method is run every time one of the Newest “buttons” is pressed meaning you could have an infinite amount of requests per person. I suppose this is a matter of gambling really.

Do I go with full html and because I assume the user will look at all the latest posts anyhow and therefore cut down the needed requests?

Do I go with the jQuery method because more often than not, users will not look at all the latest posts OR at least will take some time in between the Newest “button” pressing so that it’s ok there might be a ton of requests over time?

At this point I think the second is the way to go, but it’s most likely situational. Time will tell.

2 thoughts on “To Async or Not To Async… That is the ReWritten Cliche Quote.”

  1. I didn’t see anything “Latest” in the first image, is it “Newest” or is there a link missing?

    You could monitor the usage and see how many clicks
    users make per page view. I’d also think that it would be useful to make sure that if the same user clicks the same link again the request is not made but instead it is cached in the client-side.

  2. “I didn’t see anything in the first image, is it or is there a link missing?”

    You get a gold star. Totally missed that. Changes will be made. I’d say people would be fired but I’d have to fire myself. And since I was the one that gave myself the job, it’d make me look bad.

    As for caching it, I “think” it already is once the .text is set for the div, it stays that value as long as the page isn’t refreshed. Now mind you, I think right now I am by default clearing the .text of the div on click… so yeah not so smart. Good call.

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