You can do that in Javascript: Dynamically Create Divs

Creating divs on the fly and assigning methods:

As I have been working with Script Controls lately, I’ve been forces to learn more about javascript…. yeah I know, bleh. However, in my learnin’ I’ve actually been forced to like Javascript…. yeah I know, bleh.

Well one this I was doing was tranfering a front end control to a Script Control. Basically I am building an Auto Complete control that is using the Ajax.dll AjaxMethod stuff. Thus skipping the need for web services that the Ajax Control AutoComplete needs. Anyhow, the reason I am saying this is that it gets a list of Users and dynamically creates a list of divs that change color when hovered over and fill in a textbox when selected. Originally I was doing this by creating the html needed, then appending the innerHTML property on the container div.

function buildSelectableDiv(currentCount, innerText, textboxName, parentDiv)
   var defaultClass;
   var divChild;
   var divToAdd;
   var picker;

   //create the parent div
   divToAdd = document.createElement('div');
   //set the id of the div
   divToAdd.setAttribute('name', 'divNames' + currentCount);

   //Create child div
   divChild = document.createElement('div');
   //getting the child ready
   divChild.setAttribute('name', 'divNamesChild' + currentCount);

   //Add child to new parent

   return divToAdd;

And there you go. Creating a div and adding div to it.