WILTW – Git: Use a Thumb Drive for a Git Repository

This isn’t really for anyone but me. However, I suppose you can use it too. Basically it dawned on me one day that I could use a thumb drive as my repository which makes transporting test projects between work and home easy. There really isn’t anything here that is new if you’ve you used git a fair amount. Just thought it was kind of nice that it’s so easy to use a git repository without having an online repository… REPOSITORY

This is done all command line on windows. (Windows Key, type cmd, enter)

In the project directory:

git init 
git add .
git commit -m "first commit"

Now to create the “remote” repository:

mkdir f:\your_repository_name.git
git init --bare f:\your_repository_name.git
git push f:\your_repository_name.git master

I used this last line to get a full copy that will have the thumb drive automatically be the master so future pushes will need only “git push”.

git clone f:\your_repository_name.git