All good things come to an end…

but they never say much about bad things and beginnings. I guess we’ll just have to see where this ends up. I figure if this thing never ends, then it’s pretty obvious what this is.

It’s also going to be obvious as to what this is not. This is not a place for incredible solutions to programming problems. This is not written by an expert. I don’t work for some kind of think tank. I haven’t been programming since I was 2. Simply put, I am a moderate programmer that for some reason has decided to take programming seriously and figure out all I can about .net 3.5 and beyond… without having much time with 2.0. In other words, FUN.

I can’t swear that everything I put in here is 100% accurate. It should build, but my explanations could be a bit off. Well let me put that in another way… they are off in that they most likely will not make sense the first time around. They also could be somewhat wrong. Either way, for those 2 people reading this, please leave a comment.