I are tupid

This may be novel or really dumb, but I like it. Say you want to convert a Dictionary to a List of KeyValuePairs that are sorted by something within the dictionary Key or Value. Don’t ask why, just go with it. You could do this:

Where someDictionary is Dictionary<Type, string> :

List<KeyValuePair<Type, String>> dataSource = new List<KeyValuePair<Type, String>>(someDictionary);
dataSource.Sort(new SomeComparer<KeyValuePair<Type, String>>("Value", true));


var query = from keyValuePair in someDictionary
          orderby keyValuePair.Value
          select new KeyValuePair<Type, String>(keyValuePair.Key, keyValuePair.Value);

If nothing else, you don’t have to create or implement a System.Collections.IComparer class to use the .Sort method. That seems worth it. That and I think it just plain looks better, but that just me. If I am completely wrong here, refer to the title of this post. Just a thought really.