Things You Need to Know about Jobs in IT: Free EBook

Somewhere about a year and a half ago or so, I thought to myself, “Self, what do you do well?” Besides the ability to watch Star Trek the Motion Picture twice a week in any given week, I came up with my ability to get a job no matter where or what (including an imploding stock market). I would like to say it’s because of my uncontainable amount of awesome, but it’s mostly that I’ve had 10 jobs in as many years. I know that sounds bad, but with that comes a lot of interviews. And a lot of conversations with recruiters. And a lot of experience with contracts, salary issues, company double talk, and well, a lot more. Basically every step of the hiring process and leaving process.

Then I realized there’s even more than that…

As conceited as this might sound, I started to see that I actually have a lot of knowledge on the given subject. Seemed like kind of a waste to keep it in my head and more accurately, in my brain. (As we all know from the world renown anatomy professor Pudge Rodriguez, “because in the head is the brain.”)

So I started writing everything I could think of down. Anything from how recruiters work to how to avoid costly (Money yo) mistakes when it comes to contracts. Today, I have it ready for the world (or the two people that come here) to see.

Basically it’s the book I wish I had years ago. Then again, if I had it years ago, I wouldn’t have written it. And if I hadn’t written it, I wouldn’t have had it years ago. And if I didn’t have it years ago, I would have written it now…

If you’re an experienced worker you might be thinking, “I don’t like taffy…”, but you might also be thinking, “I can get a job just fine, what the hell could this do for me?”

And that would be a good question. The answer is: It’s not just about getting a job. It’s getting a job YOU want and making sure you get it by beating everyone else out. I won’t lie, experience helps to get most jobs. But I’m not talking about most jobs, I’m talk about the jobs you want. There are a lot of people out there with experience, and there are only so many good jobs. You’ll need every little bit to be triumphant.

So with that in mind… Presents:

Getting a Job in IT

This eBook will teach you about…

[box type=”tick” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Common Resume Mistakes[/box]
[box type=”tick” style=”rounded” border=”full” width=”300″]How To USE Recruiters[/box]
[box type=”tick” style=”rounded” border=”full”]All the types of Interviews and how to ACE them[/box]
[box type=”tick” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Detailed analysis of contracts[/box]
[box type=”tick” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Detailed analysis of salary[/box]
[box type=”tick” style=”rounded” border=”full”]What to look out for when it comes to salary[/box]

Inside, you will find advice like this…

[quote style=”boxed”]
Be very careful what you say your job title was.If someone calls on a reference and says something like “How was Johnny as an architect?” and you were really a junior developer, bad things happen; Very bad things.



[quote style=”boxed”]
Something you may not understand about the HR side of interviewing is that you aren’t looked at to hire, you’re looked at to eliminate.If you are in a very competitive environment with lots of candidates, the best way to deal with this is to get rid of as many as possible right off the bat.


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  1. I definitely have never read a better manual about CV and finding job in IT and this book came up so in time, thank you very much.

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