Python, Pyramid, and Mako… How to get Mako Working With Pyramid…

Well looks like Pylons is now Pyramids, and here go hell come. Now I could go on explaining the differences (Which most likely I will once I get farther in), but this is more just a quick post.


In the development.ini file, place this under the [app:pytrends] area


For example, the project I have is pyzazz (Don’t ask me what that is cause I don’t even know) and the template folder is… well templates. So I have it as:



When using pylons I used mako. It was fast and well it was by default. Now the default template engine is Chameleon which (Sorry Chameleon creator) sucks. First time using it, it was throwing parser errors in javascript lines like:

 if (urlParams.actual && urlParams.actual == 'true')

and it forced me to end an input with the </input> tag. And if you know anything about HTML, input tags DO NOT HAVE END TAGS. True story, go check if you feel like. Little things like that just annoy the hell out of me. Yeah I know it’s just html and javascript, the runts in the litter as far as programmers care, but you still can’t jack things up like that. And on that note: if someone who uses chameleon (Or helped write it) actually comes here, you are welcome to shoot down my claims.