Clojure on Windows 7 with Leinigen

If nothing else, this is just a checklist for myself that I’m allowing you, due to my giving nature, to use if you need. This is a very simple bullet point thing. Got help from this post.

Get Java EE:
This is the current link as of this post (11/23/2012)

Create an environment variable:
– Hit the windows key
– Type in envi
– Choose “Edit the system environment variables”
– alt + n (Environment Variables)
– alt + w (New)
– Variable Name: JDK_HOME
– Variable Value: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_09\bin (May be different if you are not running 64 bit windows)
– Tab to “OK” or click it
– alt + s (System variables)
– scroll to “Path”
– append ;%JDK_HOME%;
– Enter (Click OK)
– Enter (Click OK)

Get jar for lein:
This is the current link as of this post (11/23/2012)

Get Wget:
This is the current link as of this post (11/23/2012)

Place both in:
– c:/lib/lein

Create environment variable: (Same procedure as before)
– Variable Name: LEIN_HOME
– Variable Value: c:/lib/lein

Open a command prompt and go to the Lein directory:
– Windows key
– type cmd
– hit enter
– cd c:/lib/lein

Run two lein commands from the command line:
– lein self-install
– lein repl

Those two last commands should get you everything you need to run the Clojure Repl.