Off Topic: Finally Hit 500 on Deadlift

Yeah I know, kind of lame to announce this on a programming blog, but this is a huge thing for me. I’ve come close to 500 quite a few times but there was always something that set me back. It isn’t the best lift ever, but still happy with it overall as I didn’t cheat the pull in any way. And as making claims without proof on the internet is pretty common, I figured I’d post the video.

Looking to set a new personal record on the bench at 330 this week. 325 is something that I’ve done on a few occasions, but like I said, something always came up.

WARNING: Sound is probably bad unless you want to hear a nerd war cry at the end… That and apparently I swore at the end too.

4 thoughts on “Off Topic: Finally Hit 500 on Deadlift”

  1. LOL That was kinda hot. ;D Okay, seriously congratulations! I’ve lost about 40 lbs since the end of August so I can sort of relate to your achievement. I’m still procrastinating on taking another shot at P90X again….

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